About Us

Welcome to Earth Blue Systems

At Earth Blue Systems we are dramatically improving the way people live with the introduction of our revolutionary cleaning systems, utilizing ozone technology. We guarantee that our technology will clean and disinfect the air and surfaces within your home better than any product available in the world. Our system is already being used to service thousands of homes, automobiles, offices, institutions and industrial properties across the country today, and throughout our website you will see how Clean Air Systems can improve the way you live by improving the air quality and sanitation in your home.
We use the most encompassing and innovative cleansing system in the world to completely eradicate your home of odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other micro-organisms linked with common sicknesses such as asthma, pneumonia, food poisoning, and strep throat. Our service specializes in eliminating unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, smoke from fire damage, and all other odors caused by pets. Our technology will also eradicate many pest problems that may be present as well. Our technology is even able to penetrate furniture, drapery, carpeting, mattresses, and bed linens to eradicate the smallest of pests such as dust mites, head lice, and bed bugs. The most exciting part of our service is that all of these common problems are simultaneously cured with just one application of our service, no matter what or where your problem is.
Our astounding new technology was invented by scientists who have worked for NASA and the U.S. military, and they discovered a remarkable way to improve the health and sanitation of people's lives by harnessing the world's most powerful oxidizing agent, ozone, as its primary disinfecting agent. By combining our UV technology with one of the strongest polymers ever invented, we are able to produce the highest concentration of natural ozone ever produced, allowing us to clean and disinfect literally every square inch of your home, including behind your home's walls and even in attics, basements and crawl spaces.
Our mission here at Earth Blue Systems is to provide every individual in the world the opportunity to take advantage of our technology, so they too can improve their quality of life at home, at the office, and on the move. Please feel free to contact us with questions on how you can eradicate your home of harmful toxins, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other micro-organisms, so you and your family can live in the cleanest home possible and breathe truly clean air!
Earth Blue Systems treatments are totally green, chemical free and leave no residue. Ozone is completely harmless to interior furnishings, paintings, pictures, and furniture typically found in homes and small businesses.

Our licensees and technicians are trained and certified by Complete Ozone, Inc. to effectively service or treat a home or business, to sanitize and disinfect its indoor air quality, leaving it fresh and safe improving the quality of life for all occupants.