Lab Results

Independent lab tests were conducted by ABC Research Corporation. The tests results are as follows:

Report Summary

There was progressive inactivation efficacy with increasing exposure times to ozone. For dry bacteria there was at least a one log unit (or >90%) reduction evidenced for all treatment times. For bacteria in a wet environment, there was at least a one log unit (or >90%) reduction observed after 60 min. or more of treatment. The 8 hour ozone treatment was extremely effective for all bacteria in a dry or wet environment. There was no surviving bacteria of any type detected after the 8 hr. ozone treatment in dry or wet environments with reductions ranging from > 7.74 to >8.94 log-units in the wet environment. The was no surviving Stachybotrys chartarum detected in a wet environment after the 30 and 60 min. ozone treatments with a >4.45 log unit reduction observed.

Proven Lab Results

Laboratory reports have demonstrate the following disinfection rates: Stachybotrys Chartarum (Black Mold) 99.996% within 60 minutes (wet or dry) Anthrax 99.996% within 24 hours E coli >99.997% within 24 hours Salmonella >99.999993% within 24 hours Listeria > 99.99994% within 24 hours Staphylococcus > 99.999996% within 24 hours.

Pest Control

Ozone has shown to be effective in the killing of common insects and pests. In controlled laboratory testing, our technology has demonstrated the following:

SpeciesCloth-covered containerOpen-top container
Bed Bugs100%100%
Am. House Dust MitesN/A100%
German Cockroaches100%100%
Confused Flour Beetles86%100%

Insect Control Research, Inc., Baltimore, MD - June, 2006 Based on these results and encouraging reports from the field, we are rapidly developing our pest control system

Did You Know?

There are NO known bacteria or viruses which are resistant to Ozone and its oxidizing effects.